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How To Tell If You Are Pregnant - Early signs

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - How to tell if you are Pregnant

Its is important to remember that every woman is different, and often not all of these symptoms will be present. Ultimately the most reliable way to tell if you are pregnant is to go to a doctor, however, here is a list of the most common early signs.

Morning Sickness

Starting usually within the first month of pregnancy, and usually lasting till the end of the first trimester, morning sickness is usually a very visible sign that you are pregnant. Despite its name it can occur at any time of the day and can manifest itself as a sensitivity to smells or certain foods, to all day long nausea and vomiting. Every woman is different although it is thought that as many as 95% of pregnant women report some form of morning sickness. If you are affected by morning sickness, make sure you eat plenty of foods, avoid those that make you nauseous and try taking ginger in any form (capsule, tea etc) to help settle your stomach naturally.

Frequent Urination

As early as just one week after conception, the pregnancy hormone hCG begins to be released into the blood stream. This hormone makes your body direct more blood to the pelvic region, which in turn may stimulate your bladder to pass more often and in small amounts.


Supporting a growing embryo creates alot more work for your body. Your metabolism will speed up and the increase in the hormones required for pregnancy can have a sedating effect.

Constipation and Heartburn

As your uterus begins to swell, the organs inside your body get pushed around. This can often lead to heartburn and maybe constipation. Eating smaller and more frequent meals can help relieve heartburn and increasing your fibre intake (vegetables, dried fruits etc) can decrease constipation. Make sure you drink plenty of water too. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any kind of heartburn medication as some may harm your baby.

Mood Swings and Irritability

Often mistaken for PMS, mood swings and grumpiness are a product of the hormones racing through your body during the formative weeks of your pregnancy. The drastic changes a child can make to your life can cause mixed emotions during this time, and may also be emotionally turbulent for your partner as well. Make sure he or she is aware that this is all part of the pregnancy, and ask for their patience and support, even if you are a emotional mess through some of it! 

Higher Body Temperature

You may feel as though you have a fever coming on. Increased body temperature can be a symptom of pregnancy, so if you are trying to conceive, try keeping track of your daily temperature. If it stays above average for any length of time your may be pregnant, or you may have a fever. Either way check with your doctor!

Breast Tenderness

Another symptom often mistaken as a pre menstrual sign is breast tenderness. As your body begins to prepare your breasts for producing milk, they can become sore and sensitive and even change colour and size. This is one of the most obvious symptoms of pregnancy.

Missed Period

Quite often you will not experience any symptoms until around the time you will miss a period. This is often the event that triggers women into checking themselves for other signs of pregnancy. Often you may experience some spotting or a lighter than usual period, and in some rare cases your period may go on unchanged.


An unnerving sign of pregnancy is cramping, which often people associate with miscarriage. Cramping is, however, quite normal, and unless accompanied with bleeding, should not worry you. If cramping is accompanied by bleeding, don’t panic, this is also quite common however you should see your doctor for assessment.

Sense of Smell/Taste

You may notice an increased sense of smell, and the rising hormone levels in your saliva can affect the way you taste. Often these heightened senses can cause more nausea associated with morning sickness.

Home Pregnancy Test

All of these symptoms can mean anything, and until you take a pregnancy test it is hard to be sure if you are pregnant. Make sure to wait at least a week after your period was due before testing to give the body time to develop enough hormones to be detectable.

Positive Home Pregnancy Test - Now What?

The best thing to do would be to go to your doctor because although home pregnancy tests are considered 99% accurate if used properly, there is still that 1% that they are incorrect on. The doctor will be able to perform his/her own tests that will verify your own results and they will advise you as to what to do next. Some tests the doctor may perform are:

Urine Test - Same as a home pregnancy test.

Blood Test - Blood tests will be looking for the same hormone increase that is found in the urine. These are often unnecessary as most doctors will be content with the results of the urine test.

Internal/Pelvic Exam - This test is unnecessary however is available to those that want it. Obstetrician’s often perform one of these at your first pre-natal appointment however it is not medically needed so don’t feel like you have to have one if you are uncomfortable with it.


  1. iam 8 dpo no sore breast but have like a heavy feeling above my belly button this only lasted for about 10 mins coffee taste like crap very irritable been peeing so much and very little most times this has been since ovulation so bad heart burn woke last night with heart burn was so sick from it also so hot and sweat last night its pretty cold here in sa :-) dont know weather these are any sighns iam due for my periods on wensday day after my fianca b/d so hoping this is my month :-)
  2. I recently missed a period, as I have done in the past, due to still being in my teens. Both my boyfriend and myself are quite concerned due to thisas we have been sexually active and usually use protection, but there has been the odd chance of precum. (Sorry if this is a little crude). I still have cramping, but I have not had bad breakouts or oily hair- my normal tell-tale signs of a period. I have had dioherra and cramping once, my breasts are only a little tender- as is normally the case.
    But it almost seems as if I'm ovulating for an extended period of time- I have white marks on my underwear.
    Whether or not this is an actual sign of pregnancy or not, I have not had any other symptoms minus increased appetite.
    Hopefully I will be getting a pregnancy test soon, but in the meantime, I am quite terrified. I'm not yet ready for a child of my own, so should the test return postitive, I'm going to have to seriously consider my options.
  3. i have been sleeping with my partner for over 6 weeks unprotected, i have recently missed my period (i am never a day late) i have cramping breast tenderness bad break outs and oily hair i have major mood swings aswell... do you think there is a possibility i am pregnant if so how do i tell my partner he is not ready :'(
  4. I have had unprotected sex a couple of times. I have been feeling throughout the day after eating certain foods, i have had cramping pains for a couple of days and i have missed my perod. I am no longer with my ex:'(. I also recently discovered that he do not want kids. I am pregnant
  5. me and my partner were having sex and the condom fell of, then he realised it came off, we dnt no how long after! Then i washed everything off and took the pill. Do you think im pregnant?
  6. hi there iv missed my period and as i got told i could have kids im on 20 iv have so boobs my nipples are brown iv had nose bleeds and iv been having cravings and crapming iuv done so many test and its say neg ... and iv also been so tired could i be pregnant im not normally late
  7. Im 16, being with my bf for 13 months and i have been taking the pill the whole time. we dont use other means of contracetion lately ive been needing to pee a lot, being having massive craving and have a really high appetite also, ive been taking my sugar pill for 4 days but my period hasnt come yet.. it usually comes on the second day of the sugar pill. im worried, definetely getting a pregnancy test next time im down the street.
  8. Ive skipped my period I am a week late bit I haven't had any of the other signss of pregnancy
    We always use a condom so what are the chances of being pregnant?
  9. hi all
    ok the other day i had a bit of pink loss, so i thought it was going to be a early monthly's (i thought was weird cos i'm always on time)but then i had nothing. so i thought i would google it and it came up that i maybe pregnant but i'm not sure cos it was after ovulation about 5day but went away but now i have like clean discharge not much but it's there. i don't know if i am. but is there any other signs that can get me thinking that it's something else. i'm scared cos i have a 2 year old and a 4 1/2 month old and my husband has left me and i'm doing it alone. and yes i had unprotected sex with my husband will ovulating. stupid me
  10. Hey @ Nicole, that could definitely be a sign of diabetes, get that checked by your doctor, it's more thanlikely that not pregnancy :-)
  11. me and my partner are trying to have a child but my body keeps cramping up , keep getting sore boobies and pains in my belly. what does this mesn ? please help
  12. Tring to get pregnant.
    First symptom I got was cramping for 2 hours.
    Then heart burn on top of that, when infect I didn't really eat anything that day, that would have normally set it off.
    Had the heart burn for 3 days.
    Drink water then have to go to the toilet straight away.
    been very irritable, sore back and s:-[o weepy.
    first time for me so hopefully some more symptoms will start to show soon.
    Only two weeks thou....wishful thinking ;-)
    Another week and a half and I'll know for sure. Can't wait :-)
  13. i just got tested with two home pregnancy test . one came up negative and the other came up positive ,im very confuse about it . do i still got any chance to fall pregnant ?
  14. I've been off my pill for a month and definatly had alot of sex I'm 5 days late for my period and suspect I'm pregnant I've done 6 tests and so far 3 have said positive but with very light lines an 3 negative I had a blood test done and will fin out results soon but in the meantime i don't no what to go with.. Which one is right :/
  15. i dont know exactly when my last period was but i know it was around the beginning of march. i have done 4 HPT and all neg, i have really sore boobs, cramping, tired and nausea. i am booked in for friday to see my dr. what is everyones thoughts
  16. im already a mum to a beautiful baby boy he will be 2 in september n i had met a guy not to long ago n we arent to gether n now i have white spots on my undies, breasts feel heavier, my stomach feels heavier also, i have a air freshner in the lounge room that i cant normally smell n when i do smell it makes me feel like i want to sneeze last nite i woke up in a sweat n feeling really hot, im 25 yrs old, i have not much pale pink bleeding normally when its a period i have very heavy bleeding from day 1 only noticed all this morning
  17. Hi? My partner and I have been tryn to conceive for nearly two years now, I'm a week and half late with my period and I'm never late, I've done two clearblue tests and both negative,but I have what I thibk are symptoms, (really sore breast,cramping, bloatedness,nausea,and I've put a lot of weight on. ) I really hope I am pregnant, break my heart if I'm not. Been tryn for so long. Any advice is welcome. :'(
  18. I am living with my boyfriend from last 2 years and he fucks every day and want to get pregnat but I am not. I want to know if we have to meet with a doctor or not?
  19. Hello ....ok so here's the problem my last period was on the 3 of Sept and I and my bf had unprotected sex on the 18 of Sept... 4 days later I started feeling weak tired headache. Hotflashes and nauseated cramping. And cramping in my back ..then 3 days later again I started having this weird metallic taste in my mouth and nipples was getting a bit sore then another 3days later on Sept 28 I started off spotting then it got heavy but the blood was very bright red and brown lasted 4 days long now I'm just spotting brown I went to the hospital and they done ultrasound pelvic exam everything and Oregon test and it was negative and he said he didn't see anything just had a yeast I waited another week took a test cause I still been having all the pregnancy symptoms as of today now I have this Pugh in my belly and my stomach feel a nit harder could I be pregnant? ?? I'm dieing to know
  20. Hi all i need advise coz im not too sure if im pregnant or not.
    Had my period last month 3 days earlier and it wasnt heavy as normal
    My boobs sores and i feel polated after i eat and sometimes during the day
    Pregnancy negative.. Please help x
  21. Hi, im 26 and my fiancee is 32 we've been together for two years now and we are both tryin to conceive since this 2yrs we never used a condom or any other contraceptives and im not on prevention, i sometimes get scared that i might be infertile coz always when i take a PHT it comes out negative not to mention the disappointment... Plz help
  22. Hiya im just wonderin can u help me my period is due friday comin 26th oct but av woke up today 21st oct feel realli sickley nd reached as thou am guna b sick twice av got pains in me back and i have woke up feelin like i had a drink night before wen i havnt could u tell me what it could be please could i b pregnant:-)
  23. my wife had started periods on 25th september 2012 and we had unprotected sex on 2nd of october 2012 so she can pregnant bcz now its only twenty days ago to sex and i think she dont have periods miss yet bcz her next periods due on mos earliest on 22 oct but she knows she is preganent on 18 oct after 18 days but she telling me she is pregant she did test with doctors and doctors give positive report, she start pain in stomch from last 6 days so she went to doctor
    some one tell me doctors give positive result after 17 days of unprotected sex. anyways i m so HAPPY i m going to be daddy soon but i read somewhere woman oval time start after 9 days and we calculate oval time so its shows 4th oct so i m just curious :-)
  24. my g.frnd, has been experiencing cramping & her belly looks biger than usual,& usualy sleeps alot. She had her period ths month bt still ths keeps my heart racing. Could she be prgnt? Plz help. Confused. & is it ok 2 do a prgnacy test b4 she has her next period whch is cming up in abt 2weeks
  25. i'm having heart burn,cramping with blood,i eat a lot n ma belly s growing;-),my bf s smelling sme funny thngs,and my bf n i we always fyt. Bt nw da prob s da home preg test ts negative,shuld i wait for anada period cycle
  26. i feel the same way back pain vomiting breast ace tired cramps spot and i took 3 home test but the come back negive can any one help me;-)
  27. First of all, let me start by saying that my period is often irregular, but that despite that, things are still weird.
    My last period was somewhere around the 5th or so of September. It came as usual, didn't get weird or anything, && then left. It's been about a month since then, && my period hasn't come yet.
    Besides my period not appearing in October, there's also the fact that I thought it was coming twice, but both times it was a false alarm. For the last 2 or 3 days, i have been having a creamy, slightly pink-tinged discharge; pain in my lower back; && although i am usually always cold, for the last 2 days, i have been burning UP for no reason, even without the heat being on && with the blankets off. I wake up sweating like i ran a marathon!!
    I don't feel pregnant, that I know of....but it's just better to be safe than sorry. I'm planning on going to the doctor within the next week or so; but i'd just like some input.
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  29. Hi o don't now if I can be pregnant its 11 days til my period and yesterday I start to see blood bad is like brown and pink what can it be
  30. I been have hurtburn when I go to bed and I been have milk comeing out of my brest what does this mean
  31. Word of advice for all of you, make a doctor's appointment and go to them for advice. Having a child is a serious thing, asking questions on the web is irresponsible. So get over your embarrassment and start thinking of the little human that may be forming in your bellies:-[
  32. Hi eveyone
    Me and my bf have had unprotected sex for two years. Hoping to get pregnant
    Ive had all the signs this month. Super sensitive nipples, upset stomach. Cramps. Naseus. Headaches. Moody. Ill start crying for no reason. Craving apple juice and chocolate. I got my period two days ago and its lighter than normal.
    Is there any chance at all we could be expecting?
  33. I've had all the symptoms you can think off, from about 2dpo sore breasts, light headedness even when I sit down, cramping not sore but noticeable. Then at 9 dpo I had light cramping and the next morning at 10dpo started bleeding not very heavy like normal but much more than spotting for one day and had spotting for 3days after that and my af wasn't due for another 6days. Who had the same and was pregnant!:'(
  34. All you teens ! Should be using protection ! Don't
    Be so foolish and ruin your lives ! Get protection
    Don't understand what's so difficult !
  35. had unprotected sex since the age of 18 with my boyfriend for years and never fall pregnant. He looks at me when I turn 26 years like you are not even a woman because you can’t give him a baby, it broke my heart so I up and left him so he can have those things with someone else. Turned 30 years now and I found out I had very bad endometriosis. Got it removed and have to be on the pill for the rest of my life unless I want to have kids. Accidently missed 2 pills for the first week, and had sex with my new partner. 8 days after I saw a small pink spotting. Been getting back aches, and left abdominal pain. And yes I spent all this week reading about early pregnancy symptoms. My period is not due until two weeks. All of sudden this morning I started crying because it hit me, what the hell am I doing? Why I am even thinking this just to torment myself about something I love so much but I will never have and never hold or even feel. :'(
  36. I have Bloating, sensitive nose, back ache, peeing a lot, odd period, odd cravings. Can i be pregnant?
  37. Quote:
    I have irregular periods , i did have sex with my partner last month no Protection which today makes a month so when i do get my period i cramp n im a heavy bleeder this month i was spotting ,cramping, backaches, but this month my period is very light , when i wipe theres hardly anything im not on bc or anything what can this be ? can i be pregnant
  38. Well i have been having sex with my parner now for over a year with no protection, i had my normal period on 5/10/2012 and. had another on 21/10/2012 and since then i didn't have any period which make me 16 days late today. Can i be pregnant :-)
  39. have been spotting for 3 days it is pink and brown and it barely comes on the pad most of the time. before this I've been feeling nausea and saliva and the smell of food makes me sick.and I have craps the before and after this and been having sex and also I still feel nausea and smell of food still making me sick .I do not know what's going when this spotting stop should take pht I need know if I'm pregnant or not
  40. Hi my periods are regular my last on was nov 2 .Now its dec 11 and i havent come on yet i ate some food and became nausea i even barfed when i got to school to pick up my kids. I had heartburn that lasted for 12 hrs one day.I just noticed my breast are sore.i walked up to the counter in the store and i could smell every candy bar they had.could i be pregnant please help need a little advice Thank You
  41. I need help! I used to take the contraceptive jag i stopped that in january and was having un protected sex with my bf i never got a period until the end of october and since then i had a small show 2 weeks after it finished and then didnt get another period untill 4. Days ago they seem pretty normal but i have alot of pregnancy symptoms today i was sick at work and any food i smell is making me want to be sick (any other smell in general too) could i be pregnant?
  42. Hi I have been cramping for the last two weeks when my periods were supposed to start and my breast are painful at the tip. I have been doing unprotected sex for the last 4 months and I have been well except this one shod I get worried? I need help please!
  43. Okay to start off I have very irregular periods... I have been discharging and I have horrible heartburn and my stomach is rumbling 24/7 I can't sleep on my stomach it don't really hurt its jus very uncomfortable.... I'm very tired I have been loosing my temper easily... But I have taken pregnancy tests and they all come back negative!! Could I still possibly be pregnant or what?? Idk what to do.:/ help!?!?
  44. I have the implant in 2nd time round first time had no problems this one is bothering me I've been with my partner for 3yrs for the last few wks I've woke up feeling sick nd had meal nd felt sick also wake up to be sick but I'm not sick my boobs are very sore and I stress at the littlest things anyone suggest wt it can be
  45. Just wondering, I have got my periods now on going four days but during this month befor I got my periods I did have soreness breats and they r bigger then what they shuld b?.. I dnt knw what to think confused atm any advice?. Thanks. Andie ;)
  46. I want to know how long it take to get pregnant
  47. ok. now i am 19 years old and have just recently lost my virginity. I have had sex to two guys within a span of three days. halfway through i was unprotected with the first guy, then we chose to use a condom... With the second guy it was unprotected.. every time he came he took it out... however by the end there was a lot of moisture in my private area. I am new to this, so i am honestly not sure if he came inside me or not....

    i have had a lot of stomach cramping ever since then. whats worse is i dont get a regular period... only when i am stressed.. which can vary from a month to 7 month gap.. very unpredictable.. and in quite a predicament.

    it has been 1 week since having sex.. is that a long enough time gap to know if i am pregnant????????
  48. i have been felling not like my self for the pas few weeks i have missed my period for a month now and got a lot of back pains i am frequently going to the bathroom are these since of being pregnant i have taken a test but showed negative not sure what u thing:\:-(
  49. Okay my fiance and I have been trying to conceive sense Thanksgiving. I had my period on December 11-December 13. It usually lasts 4-5 days. It was lighter than usual, and it was a light pink. I had stomach cramps, sore breasts for like 2-3 days, but have been cramping and feeling sick to my stomach. I took 3 pregnancy tests and all came back neg. :'( So we tried again. I ovulated on the 27 and had sex every day for 7 days till I ovulated. I started my period 5 days early and again it was lighter, a light pink, and just different all together. It's been like this sense the 5th. I'm expecting it on the 11th. Am I pregnant, and when should I test?? Thanks. :-D
  50. me and my boyfriend have been sexualy active and about two weeksaho we did not use protectio. im starting to have mood swings slit bleeding and darkening in my nipples. i also have white bumpson my nipples and im haveing to pee very often. it is not time for my period yet but i am worrying i might be pregnate soo can someone give me adivice?
  51. its been 4 days that my period hasnt came on i'm not spotting just stomach pains it was suppose to come on this mnt on the 12th still didnt i took 2 pregnancy test both negative I do be tired and my bf smoke ciggerettes before I can't really smell it now I do I smell anything make me sick I sleep alot i feel pregnant i also had two miscarriages last year so can i be pregnant or what
  52. I have been dating my bf for 5 months. I usually start my period around
    10th of the month but have not started yet And the smell of food makes me sick. Could I be pregnant.;-);-)
  53. Hi:-) I'm trying to conceive. And my last period was on the 30th of dec and went off on the 3rd of Jan so on jan17th and18th I saw some brownish blood period not to until jan28th could I be pregnant
  54. Hi I'm Thulisile and I saw my periods last month from the 24 of december until 29 december. So usually my periods come around 24,25 and changing or cycle sometimes on the 1st or 31st. So I missed my periods as today is the 25. But I'm having a back pain and a little of period pains, should I be worried?
  55. had two periods in three weeks am i pregrant have no sympons yet
  56. I had a 1day period on the 30th december 2012 and it was a very light on. after 28days which is on the 26th January 2013 where my period should be due, i see no sign of my period .please somebody can somebody assist, whats happening to me.
  57. Hi, I was due on my period the 30th January 2013 but didn't come on had no pains or anything but the 31st I come on, it's very light hardly anything on the pad but is when I wipe I've asked a few people some said go doctors and one said do a test, I also have cramps to. But I've read that it can happen in the first trimester I have no idea would love to know what to do x
  58. Hi.
    I am due for my periods in 6 days but i have a feeling im pregnant. Im freling sick have tender boobs and my dog wont leave me alone. I also get white sicky discharge and have alittle bit of mood swings. I belly is bloated and i getting cramps. Please help... What do u think im also cold then get really hot fast. Tied and no energy.8-):-[:-[
  59. My periods date is 31st jan ,still i did nt gt periods last mth 19th we had sex, my periods are regular , i am getting stomach and chest pain, chest became harder, im getting slight
    white discharge, sometimes iam having vomiting sensation
    Am i pregnant(Married-1year)
  60. Well I am missed my periods for a month and now I am feeling dizzy and I am vomiting too I keep craving different thing to eat sometging my boyfriend want to have sex and I don't feel like it
  61. Hey i had sex 9days ago and now started feeling abdominal pain does it means i,m me
  62. Hi, so I have an irregualar period,I hardly get it at times,its almost a week now and recently I feel like vomiting,I eat a lot now than I use 2,I get cramps on my lower bak and my lower tummy as well, and my tummy is really hard,is it jus pains or could I be pregnant:-)
  63. Would like to know, my period was on the 25th of Jan and normally I have period warnings. Had no cramping etc. Only saw when I went to the toilet. Sat I was bleeding normally and sunday morning normally. Sunday afternoon we got intimate and sunday night my period was gone. Mon there was only a small amount and it was finished. Ever since I've been nauseas everyday. Sometimes in the morning, in the afternoon or evening. And the heartburn attacks me every morning. I'm starting to get small brown dots on my breasts. Am I pregnant?:-)
  64. Ok.. Wel i had sex on friday n a week ago i wan off of my prd. The pass 3dayz i been having back pain and stmh pain i be getting tired fast n im only 17 so can u plzzzz help me out im srd i dont know wat to do :'(
  65. But Hi I got periods 6 days earlier to expected date if periods, bleeding dark red one night after that dark brown discharge scanty for that day that's all, since then nausea vomiting fatigue constipation right lower abdomen pain and leg cramps , fully stressed hunger loss of appetite, any chances l am pregnant ?
  66. Hi my lmp was 9th jan and now I had But Hi I got periods 6 days earlier to expected date 3rd feb usually mine is a 28 day cycle i bleed for 2 and half days but this time bleeding dark red one night after that dark brown discharge scanty for that day that's all, since then nausea vomiting fatigue constipation right lower abdomen pain and leg cramps , fully stressed hunger loss of appetite, any chances l am pregnant ? Today evening upt is very very very faint line :-[
  67. I had sex on friday so for the pass 4days i been having pain n my back and all in my stomach do that mean im pregnant :'(
  68. Nov 28th 2012 I got my last period. I was active prior to the 28th nov but then my period had come. It's the 13th feb 2013 and I still have got a period. I have done two pregnancy tests at home but both negative. I'm cranky and always tired. No other symptoms. Any advice?:\
  69. hey ,
    i feel so not my usual self these past few days , been having unprotected with my man seven months now but last two weeks he started ejculationg inside of me 3 days straight then we skipped a day and had sex the other and practicall every two days since . now it's been two weeks and boi do i feel sick, cramping, i am retching to vomit but have not vomit yet. bloated like a balloon, sore nipples when i shower i have to cover then they hurt. my vagina is much more wet and slimy and i feel as if i could sleep all day could i be pregnant. my period on the other hand is due in 6 days but i usually don't feel this sick . i am really wishing i am pregnant . this will be our first baby and my man can't wait cuz he is the last in all his friends to have kids. please is there a posibility:-)
  70. Just turned 18 been with my partner since we were 13 years old he's only jyst been locked up but anyways I'm currently 10 days late with my period
    Symtos I've had. Missed period, very very sore nipples, discarge moire then usyal makes me feel like I've got my period, mild cramping, bit moody and really tired took a home pregnancy test came up neg when I was 6 days late I don't knoe if I'm pregnant or not ?? :( sorry for the misplaced letters my phones playing up ,
  71. Hi,

    Ive had sex for the first time four - five weeks ago now and on the first time me and my bf had unprotected sex. Now i have a bad tummy ache when i eat and before i even eat and its making me paranoid. Also when i have sex i get a mean cramp that never use to be there before but it feels as if one of my organs are being stabbed and so i try and refrain from that. My boobs ain't tender all the time and i can still eat what i want, im due for my period in a week or so and yet have no other explanation to this. So please help me if you can ..8-)
  72. I got married 3 months back ,frm den we are trying for a bby ,
    This time i missed my periods,lower back pain,fever ,frequent urination ,fatigue and sore breasts but i did pregnancy test one day before my period date and it was negative ...,so i lost intrest in doing it now it hurts to see negtve .im 5 days late ,could i be pregnant ?
    Plz help me .going crazy thnkng abt it :'(
  73. My breast has been hurting ive been having cramp every morning its been 2months that I havent got my period
  74. I last came on my period the first of this month and then had unprotected sex (my first time ever having sex) on the 11th he told me he pulled out in time but the day after I was getting really bad cramps in my stomach, I kept getting hot and cold flushes, since then I've been feeling sick getting headaches pains in my lower stomach, increase of appetite and keep feeling like I need to pee A LOT more, so much I can't even get to sleep at nights and also releasing a lot of discharge
    Is there a chance I'm pregnant???
  75. Hello I have a question and I was wondering if someone could awnser it for me... so my time of the month ended 2 weeks back but I have had off and on during nights and EARLY mornings tender brests and nipples..also peeing alot and my belly if fatty looking and feeling but sometimes it feels alittle hard off to one side of it and then the other side of it and then its just flabby and sqwishy but between the hours of 4am to 8am I wake up feeling alittle sick to my tummy but never get really sick and I have been waking up at 4am although I do have a mild sleeping disorder too. but when I wake up I feel the need to munch on things.
    Although my prego test came back negative ...should I go and see my doctor? Are these possible signs of pregnancy? idk????????:\
  76. Ok so i had my normal period jan 9 th till the 14 th day of jan ..... i had what i thought was my period on feb7 th it was really light compared to normal n only lasted till the 10 th my normal period id wake up to n go to be ending it the period i thought ihad in feb i started n ended in mid day ..... i did a test 2 days after this weird period n it came back neg .... im now feeling tired cranky hungry emotional i have cramps in my lower tummy n my boobs are swollen n sore ...... do u think im pregnant or when i should try n do another test
  77. Hiya I'm 16 I really need help on the 18\2 me n my bf had unprotected sex today 20\2 I came on I am normaly very heavy staright away but today their was barly enough to see on a tissue and stoped after a few hours 20\2 is when I was due to come on but I have never been this light before he did cum inside me. I have been getting ready bad headaces and a lot of wind sorry about the wind bit I have also been very sleepy and got lower back pain and sometimes cramps also my nipples swelled and and I have been peeing a lot my wot I thort was my period was a very light pink plz help me I think these r signs of pregnency I am wonding weather to go to the doctors or do a home test first but is it to early to tell plz get bk to asap I'm very worried xxxx
  78. i have lower back pain, nasiua, peeing lots, pressure. went to clinic they did pregnancy test a few weeks ago,came back fine everything was continuing so i went to the hospital valentines day and they did another pregnancy test with blood work and urine, came back normal. they sent me for a ultrasound thinking it maybe a cyst. on mon night i ate a piece of cake for my b day and i felt i was gunna throw up. tues i woke up with the runs, nasuia ended up vomitting 4 times. thought it was the flu but now its been almost a week and on and off im nasious and have thrown up once along with acid reflex. i barely have an appetite cuz pretty much everything i eat or drink i feel sick. i took a dollar store test last night and it had a faint line. but my friend said its a evaporation line. took 2 more tests this morning and they came negative. ive felt nasious all day with a bit of diarrhea, tired. also i got my period on time but its not normal its very light.
  79. * I recently missed a period, as I have done in the past, due to still being in my teens. Both my boyfriend and myself are quite concerned due to thisas we have been sexually active and usually use protection, but there has been the odd chance of precum. (Sorry if this is a little crude). I still have cramping, but I have not had bad breakouts or oily hair- my normal tell-tale signs of a period. I have had dioherra and cramping once, my breasts are only a little tender- as is normally the case. 
    But it almost seems as if I'm ovulating for an extended period of time- I have white marks on my underwear. 
    Whether or not this is an actual sign of pregnancy or not, I have not had any other symptoms minus increased appetite.
    Hopefully I will be getting a pregnancy test soon, but in the meantime, I am quite terrified. I'm not yet ready for a child of my own, so should the test return postitive, I'm going to have to seriously consider my options.
  80. I was forced to have sex,not seen my period yet.I dnt feel the symtoms of pregnancy,but feels my stomach been done a hpt and it came out negative,but am still not yet convinced
  81. Ok I'm off the:-[
    injection now 4 6 mnths. My breast is sore some water is cuming out of it. Had my period 4 2 days. Stomach is swollen up nd got this moods. I'm always hungry nd have to go 2 the toilet a lot. Can I be pregnant.
  82. Hi, I have very irreguar periods where instead of a 28day cycle I have a 35 to 42 day cycle. My partner and I are very active having unprotected sex everyday. My last period stopped on the 13th of january and I have not had one since. A week before my period was due I had light brown spotting that was sometimes pink. This lasted about 9 days then I took a hpt and it was negative. Two weeks later with still no sign of my period I took another hpt that was also negative. I have very bad heartburn and fatigue and get nausea every now and then and have minor cramps sometimes. Could I be pregnant?or is it all in my head...
  83. Hello, I'm worried that I might be pregnant, I'm not due till the 20th March but I'm getting really bad cramps, backaches and feeling like I have the flu but its not the flu, can someone give me advice? :'(
  84. idk if i am pregnant i took a test it was negative, im also on the birth control shot so i spot all the time and my periods are not regular. i have been crampy a feel like im going to start my monthly cycle but i just end up spotting. My appetite has increased, i get heart burn more than normal, i get so hungry i get nauseous until i eat something and sometimes after i eat i get sick feeling. Light headed, whats going on?
  85. My dearest Dr. Lee, Even if you probably don’t remember me, I would like to thank you again! I ordered a Love Spell from your temple one week ago. My wife Kathy was about to ask for a divorce, I was desperate. I choosed your spell and she came back within 3 days (I still can’t believe it!), Thanks to you Dr. Lee of the Love you forever!
  86. Hi. I had unprotected sex the day after my period. But he didnt finish And aweek after i been feeling dull cramping like im about to have my period. I v also been sick to my tummy like i need to vommit . Last mostly all day. Could i be pregnant . I think its alil to early for a prenancy test just need to know :\
  87. last month i havent get my period and i got +ve home pregnency test buti have some proble and with that i didnt continued that and again now my period date is 18 till now i didnt get my period is it have a sign of pregnency?
    we met in this month
    please somebody help me plzzzzz
  88. Hi I am 20 yrs of age nd hve been with my bf for 11months nw...we frequently hve sex nd dnt use protection, bt I've neva fel pregnant of recent I've been sick, heavy fever, headaches,lower back pains,stomach cramps nd I've been extremly tired nd bloatd..constantly feeling out of breath! My manstruation cycle is irregular, got my period last month feb bt only for one day! I'm not ready 4 a baby yet bt I so badly want one ata later stage.Yeah ppl do sum pretty stupid things they dnt think bout clearly at tyms...myt I be pregnant? I so hope I'm nt. Bt I'm awso scared I myt not fall pregnant again if I am...taking a home pregnancy test 2day. Dnt wana hve unprotectd sex with my bf agn...I was on injection whn I was 18 for about 7months nd stoppd goin coz I was no longer in a relationship nd it screwd up my menstruation cycle completly...nd I was also concernd of it later affecting me wantin 2 get pregnant eventualy!:-[
  89. i have been getting sore breast for the past 1 weeks and i have been having mood swings for about 2 weeks now ive been have cramps near the pelvic bones of a night time.
    i have also been going to the toilet alot aswell and i have been vomiting for the past week everytime i eat and been vomiting in the morning what is goin on please help me.:-(
  90. Hi. I had unprotected sex the day after my period. But he didnt finish And aweek after i been feeling dull cramping like im about to have my period. I v also been sick to my tummy like i need to vommit . Last mostly all day. Could i be pregnant
  91. i had unprotected sex last week and a couple of days after i started to realize i was peeing loads and i started to get a lot of pain in my stomach and back. after a few days when i pee'd it hurt and stung and there was a little blood. im not sure if this is pregnancy as its far to early to find out but is this signs?
  92. Ive been with my bf for 3 years, and we do not use protection, ive had a few shares of scares but im a littlw worried . My af was supposed to come on the 27th of this month( i have the app that calculate it for me) but i got it on the 12th for 3 and a half days, wasnt heavy and it was pink and brown no red or anything, which is wierd, and also i usualy eel gross my time of the month and i didnt no oily hair or skin, my acne is clearing up, ive had a few headaches sometimes i can eat other times every thing saoungs nasty. My mood swings are sill going on ill be mad one minute smile then next and then cry over tv shows as well as a little bit of pain on the right side of my chest (under right breast bone) and on my lower right abdomen. Idk if iam or not and dont know how to tell my partner were.not.finacially set and.he doesnt want children until he is...
  93. I'm not going to get into too much detail, but I have wondered if there was possibly any chance of pregnancy. I am a week late for my period, I am constantly craving chocolate, and I am constantly hungry and am eating more in one sitting then i should. The possibility i am pregnant is slim. I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) which makes it hard to get pregnant because of the decreased ovulating. I am usually always late. I have always wanted a child but I just wonder what could cause these symptoms other than pregnancy. I have had unprotected sex recently but sperm never entered me. Someone mentioned pre-cum to me before but with the low chance of me ever getting pregnant makes me think 1 little sperm isnt going to do anything. So if anyone has any answers to why i am having these sympoms and what it could be please let me know.
  94. i have my last period OCTOBER 30. it was a drop of blood into my undies. as i thought it will flow the next day. OCTOBER 31, i had the same drop of blood. it hadn"t flow. just drop only. then the next day, NOVEMBER 1,it lightly flow, i just 2napkins used, its not full. then the next day nov.2 i had used only one napkin. it was irritating because i hadn't usually experience this matter. i had 28-30 (sometimes 32) cycle days. right now i hadnt have my period already. but last week my breast feels swollen, as if its the signs that i will have my period. im so confused. i will take my Pregnancy test on saturday.:-[ im worried too much.
  95. Im 27, I have been feeling different, wierd stomach feeling and very slight cramping for around 2weeks, dryreaching sometimes, very very tired, loss of appetite dont feel like eating but at thr same time im really hungry, mood swings, ive taken a pregnancy test 2 days ago but it was negative could it be too early as my last period was on 22/11/2013
  96. I haven't had my period for about a month I have all symptom of pregnacy but we always used condoms so confused n my partner left me on 30 November this year plz help this confused duck :'(
  97. My period has been crazy it didnt come at all sept was early in oct was late in nov. And now im cramping and I go pee no blood but I wipe and ser blood on tissue. My symptons tender breast my breast is tender to,water hitting it stomach is huge and sitting high moody headaches pee alot at night I dont get up but lately I get night at least two times sometimes I dont have appetite but then I do and eat everything... I waddle everywhere... Ppl ask me are you expecting?? My tummy is hard. I have stretch marks on my breasts, arms and one stretch mark hind my belly pain on my left side of my stomach, sharp like pain in stomach leg pain back pain once I had neck pain. Fat face fat ankles itchy skin sharp pain near my uterus ;-)
  98. I am 16 and I have been having unprotected sex for about 4 months now. Me and my boyfriend really want a baby. My belly sticks out a little bit like I'm pregnant and I have white discharge, my hair goes greasy really quick and also I feel sick after I eat. But however I am still having periods? I have took 3 pregnancy tests and all came back negative? The other night my mum told me that her first pregnancy she didn't no about till she was close to pop and still had periods? Would this be the same for me? Need help please!!!
  99. I have a 7months old baby girl, my periods stopped when she was 2months.My husband and I never had unprotected sex since I gave birth.Last night I was just sitting, bored and then I took a pregnancy test, it came back positive.What exactly seem to be a problem:'(
  100. Ok I'm 30 yes old I have three kids I did the tubaligation its been a yr but I feel different I'm moody I'm tired I don't know could I be pregnante
  101. Hello well Im 17, my bf and I recently had unprotected sex 13 time in a 6 day span the days of dec 26th- dec 31st, I was on my period when this all happened, I have an IUD but I been having weird stomach pains above my belly button, I been super tired recently, my body tends to feel week and sore, could there be a possibility I'm pregnant?
  102. I ddnt get my periods for de whole month nd de followin month i got a drop of blood on my underwear,i fill neusea,dnt hv appetite of food whn i smell food i fil lyk to vomit does it min im preg?
  103. Hi,

    I had unprotected sex on the January 1st 2014 and twice on the 12th. My period came 5 days early on the 14th instead the 19th. My period is the worst ever. My breast are swollen but not really soar. I have horrible back pain and cramping more than the usual and all I want to do is sleep. My cravings are salty and spicy. Could I be pregnant? Or is this part of period symptoms?
  104. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy 2 months ago and was tested and confirmed pregnant. Yet I see my period or bleeding implantation 11 days b4 my menstual cycle last month and this month. For the first two days is like spot and the third and fourth day, heavily with internal heat. Pls, do u know what might be the cause?
  105. Hi i had my period last feb 11, im irregular.. so we had unprotected sex feb 26 march 1 march 4 and march 10.. and im expecting my period today march 11.. can i be pregnant??:-)
  106. Hi my husband and i have been trying for another baby and the past two months weve been having unprotected sex during high fertility weeks and ovulation days and last night i had light pink spotting during intercourse and it lasted about a couple of hours after today theres none but iv been tired nauseus irritable moody and just genrally feeling unwell is there a possibility it was implantation?

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