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Dear Readers...

The words ‘New Year New You’ seem to have been jumping out at me from newspapers and magazines as they usually do at this time of year and whilst there is always room for improvement, I quite like the ‘old’ me and for many years have strived to be the best me I can be regardless of it being New Year or not. I’m not being a New Year’s ‘Grinch’, simply stating that who we are is good enough as long as we are doing our best. Mothering children is a huge task and I honestly believe that all mothers try to be the best mothers they can be. As adults we may feel ours didn’t measure up in some ways but that feeling is often due to an expectation we put upon our mothers and not taking into account the environmental circumstances they were trying to navigate. As a mother I know maternal love is unconditional and  it makes the world go around.

2010 will not reshape me into a Jennifer Hawkins body double but it is a good opportunity to take stock of my lot and give gratitude for what I have. My children, my home, my work, my friends, living in Australia, the dog, the cat etc and build upon this framework to self develop and on a daily basis be the best Jane, mother, friend, pet owner and citizen of my community that I can be and self forgive when I make mistakes - accept I am only human and get up and try again.

My New Year’s resolution is the same this year as it is every year, to be the best Jane I can be... what’s yours? Click here to share your New Year's Resolution with our readers!

Jane King
Mother to Emily 8, Cristian 14
Founder of Parenting Australia

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As Jo embarked on what she hopes will become a more regular morning walk than it has been to date, she thought about what she wants to happen in the year ahead... Read more.

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Milton has launched a fantastic online support tool, with baby care tips, forum discussions, competitions and online access to the Milton Nurse to help with all your baby concerns.


Cath is sweeping in the New Year in style with plans for a new broom and her honest account of life as a WAHM and what the New Year means for her and her family... Read more.

Tips that make the year really count: a dads perspective

Because of society’s increasing expectations for dads to be actively involved parents, most of us yearn for more of what we find increasingly harder to get, TIME. This becomes a distant reality when we have kids craving our undivided attention, so why not set a few goals for 2010 that bring you and the kid’s sustained satisfaction.

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Happy New Year for Parents by Sue Atkins

During the Christmas and New Year break I ponder my goals, dreams and hopes and reflect on my past year's achievements; the highs, the lows and the disappointments and I focus all the time on "What did I learn? Who am I becoming? What difference did I make? How can I improve, grow and help more people?"

Recovering from silly season spending made easy

Possible early New Year rate rises and post-Christmas credit card bills need not be a burden on summer festivities. The key to staying in control of your finances is keeping a close eye on your spending habits.

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When we feel great on the outside, we feel good on the inside and vice versa. Purely Natural Living products help your skin fight the many free-radicals you come into contact with daily, and enhance your natural beauty so we can feel good inside and out!

Top tips to cope with rising interest rates

With much talk around further rises occurring as early as next month, every Australian with a variable rate home loan should reassess their budget as soon as possible.

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